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In 2023 we are going back to karst forests, to the beautiful forests of Trnovo plateau. 8 years have passed since the last OOcup in these areas and it is time to revisit them! All maps will be updated to new standard and we will also add some new terrain which has never before been used for orienteering. 

Some fabulous karst forests are waiting for you at OOcup/2023!!

Stage 1, Prezren (Middle)terrain abundant with rocky details and typical karst formations. It’s the first stage, so it won’t be too long :)!

Stages 2 and 3 (Long and Extended middle), Nemci: For stage 2 (Long) we will use partially new map and for Stage 3 (Extended middle) a 100% new map. The best runnable terrain of all 5 days!

Stage 4 (Shortened long), Bisaga – Poncala the most difficult stage, that’s for sure. As Zdenek the mapper said; Total brutal!

Stage 5 (Extended middle), Lokvethe last stage will be held in terrain just at the Lokve village (event center). A beautiful ending of a hopefully another spectacular OOcup :)! 

Some terrain photos: