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Problems at Stage 1 and official results

Not the easiest day for us at the Col de la Faucille.

Summary: 3 controls stolen before the race (we realized this during morning checking and replaced with new ones), 1 control stolen after morning checking (90), 2 controls misplaced during the race (50, 62). We are not sure what to think about this situation. We analyzed the day thoroughly and you can rest assured that all controls were originally placed in the right places – every control at OOcup is checked 3 times; pre-marking, setting, checking. In almost 20 years of OOcup we have not had a single missing control or a control in the wrong place.

As soon as we realized that something was wrong we placed controls back to original positions. About 100 people ran on course with misplaced or missing control. Finally we decided to void all legs which include one of the problematic controls: 90, 62 or 50.

You can check official results at OrienteeringOnline.

You can check photos on our Facebook page.

We hope that tomorrow we have a less stressful day.