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OOcup in August?

We were hoping that in the beginning of June we will be able to give you more information about OOcup in August. Unfortunately, Ain prefecture is still not able to give us clear and definite answer. However, services of Prefecture have examined our file and are waiting for the national directives to give us the green light for August. There are some more positive signs; epidemic situation in France is clearly getting better, Covid measures are loosening, borders should be open soon, 4 renowned international cycling races in Ain are rescheduled to August. All this gives us strong hope that we will finally be able to carry out the event. We are now waiting for the new set of instructions by French government around June 20th.

We are well aware of the inconvenience our late decision might be causing to all potential participants, but we are doing our best to squeeze out of the situation as much as possible.

Hope to see you in August!