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OOcup/2023 is now history

So, the 22nd edition of OOcup is now history. Certainly there has been lots of work before and during the races, but nevertheless this time organizing felt very much like a team building. As Bača, one of the organizers, said, this has been one of the most pleasant editions for the organizers so far. Even yesterday’s night small celebration (Meda, thanks for the great excuse to have it!) seemed to have worked against the rain and I guess we now have a new anti storm protocol 😜. Big thanks to all of the organizers for the great spirit and well done job!

Then, of course, OOcup has absolutely no point without you, the participants. Big thanks to you for coming to OOcup over and over again. Thanks for the trust and thanks for the many positive words after the race. We hope that you enjoyed the 5 days of difficult orienteering and the relaxed atmosphere of the event😎.

See you next year in France 🇫🇷. Very likely in a much larger form but with the same OOcup spirit!