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OOcup/2022 is now history

OOcup/2022 is over. Big thanks to all of you who took part – it was amazing to see how many of you have trust in OOcup and are willing to travel 3000km or more to run courses that we serve. It was even more amazing to see many of you after the race coming to us saying that the event was worth the travel. Thanks, that keeps us going!

A big thanks goes also to the organizing team – both OOcup staff and Umeå OK members did a great job so that the races ran smoothly.

Last but definitely not least, a big thanks to Tjelvar – the great guy without whom this event almost certainly would not happen. Tjelvar, OK, I might be a bit crazy, but from “Let’s do it” we came to “We did it” – and that’s something ;)!

Thank you and see you around