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Today Les Moussieres part 2

Yesterday we were very happy to see that all went well. Good atmosphere returned to our team! Hopefully you had a good day at Les Moussieres as well!

Today another stage in the same Arena with slightly different type of orienteering.

MW Elite maps from Stages 1 and 2:


Problems at Stage 1 and official results

Not the easiest day for us at the Col de la Faucille.

Summary: 3 controls stolen before the race (we realized this during morning checking and replaced with new ones), 1 control stolen after morning checking (90), 2 controls misplaced during the race (50, 62). We are not sure what to think about this situation. We analyzed the day thoroughly and you can rest assured that all controls were originally placed in the right places – every control at OOcup is checked 3 times; pre-marking, setting, checking. In almost 20 years of OOcup we have not had a single missing control or a control in the wrong place.

As soon as we realized that something was wrong we placed controls back to original positions. About 100 people ran on course with misplaced or missing control. Finally we decided to void all legs which include one of the problematic controls: 90, 62 or 50.

You can check official results at OrienteeringOnline.

You can check photos on our Facebook page.

We hope that tomorrow we have a less stressful day.




Stage 1 is finished, tomorrow race in Haut Valromey

Stage 1 is now finished, we hope that you enjoyed terrain of Col de la Faucille. Official results will be published later on due to stolen/moved controls during the race.

IMPORTANT information regarding tomorrow’s race. We noted that many runners mistakenly believe that the race is in Les Moussieres in Jura department. Information in the Bulletin (overview map, GPS coordinates and QR code) are correct. This means that the race will be held in Les Moussieres forest in Haut Valromey (Le Petit-Abergement).

IMPORTANT notes for Stage 1

Depending on number of regular tourists parking place on Col de la Faucille might get tight. To prevent parking problems as much as possible, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Use as few cars as possible. If you have opportunity, please share car with your friend.
  2. Try to come earlier than you would normally. The sooner you arrive the greater the chance to find your spot comfortably.
  3. Use cable car from Mijoux (free of charge) if Col de la Faucille parking is full. In case of Parking on Col de la Faucille gets completely full, we will place signposts “Col de la Faucille COMPLET” on the exit from Mijoux. Our volunteer at the Camping car parking close to Cable car will help you with small map of possible parking places in Mijoux. To use cable car you need to show your start number or use the magic word “OOcup”.

IMPORATNT: Don’t forget about Medical certificate

The race is coming soon and many of you still haven’t sent us less than one year old Medical certificate of non-contraindication to participate in competitive orienteering as requested in Invitation and in the message displayed after making entry. That is OK as long as you deliver it upon registration in Competition office or send it by email before the race. We can accept your certificate in either digital or paper format.

It is possible to use your own template or OOcup Medical certificate.

Please do not forget about this, since you are only allowed to compete if you have either FFCO licence (French runners) or Medical certificate. If you don’t have one of those, we are not allowed to time your race according to French law.





OOcup training camp is over

Thanks to all of you who came to OOcup training camp! We had some hot days, but we hope that you enjoyed the tricky terrains of Bugey nevertheless.

Results you can see at OrienteeringOnline.

In just few days we continue with Model event and then with the main event – OOcup 5 days.

Training camp information and course lengths OOcup and Model

The first part of our 11 days of orienteering in France, the OOcup training camp, is about to start in just few days. Here you can find all the information you need about it.

Additionally, here are the course lengths for Model event and for the OOcup itself.

Currently we have just under 1600 runners for OOcup and it is still not too late to enter (2 more days). We have also heard that it is still possible to get accommodation even on Les plans d’Hotonnes. So, you can still take part in one of the very few summer O-events of 2020!

Deleting unpaid entries made before May 14th

In case you haven’t received our email:

Dear OOcup participant,

We want to inform you that on 12th of July we will delete all UNPAID entries that were made before May 14th. We suspect that on the entry list there are quite some entries by people who entered early in the year but do not in fact plan to come to OOcup due to change in date. May 14th is the date when we announced that if there is OOcup it will be in mid August.

So, if you made an entry before May 14th and plan to come to OOcup in August, please make sure it is paid for before July 12th. If you’re not coming, we will appreciate you deleting the entry yourself.

All the best,