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Website updated

Website is now updated with basic information for OOcup/2022. You’re welcome to check it out!

OOcup/2021 is now history

So we did it. Second OOcup in these strange Covid times. Just like the previous one in France, it brings mixed feelings. Big thanks to all of you who came to the race despite conditions that do not favor traveling and taking part in orienteering competitions abroad. Posebna zahvala tudi Slovencem, ki so se OOcupa udeležili v večjem številu kot običajno! And of course big thanks to all members of our small but efficient team, you were great like always!

This year’s edition was a little reminder of how to organize a race with limited resources. Almost like in good old times back in 2002 :). Most of you were probably not aware that the race you just ran was actually the 20th edition of OOcup… well, at least one person in the crowd knew it very well.

After a short break, our focus switches to 2022. Event in Umeå is our big motivation and hope for normal times. If OOcup ever needed your participation, it is in the next year. And I’m sure you will not be disappointed, because the terrain up in the north is just amazing.

Here are the maps from today.

And below a few photos from the last stage…

Thank you and see you around,

Only one stage to go

The fourth stage is now behind us, only one to go! Tomorrow something completely different, an OOcup stage in a non karst terrain :).

Here you can download all maps from today.

And below are some photos by Ivan …

See you tomorrow on the last stage.

Stage 3 is over

More than half of OOcup is now behind us. Tomorrow same area but shorter distances!

Here you can download all maps from Stage 3.

Below you can see a few photos from today by Ivan… on our FB page there are a few more.

See you tomorrow!

Recommended routes S3 & S4 update

It seems that in the Bulletin we missed to mark the best route to Veliki Lipovec from direction Novo mesto. Here you can download the picture of the route via Prečna – Brezova reber – Veliki Lipovec. And here is the Google maps route link. Taking this route you can also avoid the part of the road in Srednji Lipovec where the construction works are ongoing.

Regarding construction works – we contacted the municipality and the workers on site and were assured that the road will be open, possibly with exchanging one way traffic. So, there will be no problems accessing the race via Žužemberk/Dvor – Sadinja vas – Srednji Lipovec – Boršt – Veliki Lipovec.

Stage 2 over, stay hydrated tomorrow!

Stages in Vavta vas are over. We hope you enjoyed your runs. Tomorrow we’re moving to Veliki Lipovec village, to a forested plateau some 300-400 m above the valley.

Please note that there are construction works ongoing on the road in Srednji Lipovec village. This might cause some delays, so make sure to take enough time to get to Finish area.

Tomorrow we expect the longest winning times of all 5 stages, it is important that you stay hydrated!

Here are the maps from Stage 2.

And a few photos by Matija Razum…

First stage is over

The first stage of OOcup/2021 is over! It seems that many of you enjoyed the almost stone free but still tricky karst terrain despite the hot weather. The maps of all courses can be downloaded here.

In the following days the weather will continue to be very hot. Please make sure to be well hydrated and take your camelback on the course if you think you need it. Especially on the stage 3 where longer winning times are expected.

Results during and after each stage you can find at

See you tomorrow same place :).


Bulletin with course lengths and other information is now available here.

Please note that it will be possible to take quick antigen test in Arena even on the 1st stage (and 2nd, 3rd and 4th as noted earlier).

Once again we kindly ask you to send us vaccination/recovery certificates as soon as you have them. Our email address is