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Recommended routes S3 & S4 update

It seems that in the Bulletin we missed to mark the best route to Veliki Lipovec from direction Novo mesto. Here you can download the picture of the route via Prečna – Brezova reber – Veliki Lipovec. And here is the Google maps route link. Taking this route you can also avoid the part of the road in Srednji Lipovec where the construction works are ongoing.

Regarding construction works – we contacted the municipality and the workers on site and were assured that the road will be open, possibly with exchanging one way traffic. So, there will be no problems accessing the race via Žužemberk/Dvor – Sadinja vas – Srednji Lipovec – Boršt – Veliki Lipovec.

Stage 2 over, stay hydrated tomorrow!

Stages in Vavta vas are over. We hope you enjoyed your runs. Tomorrow we’re moving to Veliki Lipovec village, to a forested plateau some 300-400 m above the valley.

Please note that there are construction works ongoing on the road in Srednji Lipovec village. This might cause some delays, so make sure to take enough time to get to Finish area.

Tomorrow we expect the longest winning times of all 5 stages, it is important that you stay hydrated!

Here are the maps from Stage 2.

And a few photos by Matija Razum…

First stage is over

The first stage of OOcup/2021 is over! It seems that many of you enjoyed the almost stone free but still tricky karst terrain despite the hot weather. The maps of all courses can be downloaded here.

In the following days the weather will continue to be very hot. Please make sure to be well hydrated and take your camelback on the course if you think you need it. Especially on the stage 3 where longer winning times are expected.

Results during and after each stage you can find at

See you tomorrow same place :).


Bulletin with course lengths and other information is now available here.

Please note that it will be possible to take quick antigen test in Arena even on the 1st stage (and 2nd, 3rd and 4th as noted earlier).

Once again we kindly ask you to send us vaccination/recovery certificates as soon as you have them. Our email address is

IMPORTANT: Covid-19 update, changes in rules, quick tests possible in Arena

Unfortunately, Slovenian government has recently made some changes to Covid rules for sport events. The PCR or quick test are now valid for only 48 hours (72 hours before the change). Furthermore, only children younger than 15 years who are accompanied by their parents or guardians do not need negative test or proof of vaccination/recovery (before the change the age limit was 18).

Once again we kindly ask you to send us your certificates of vaccination or recovery from Covid as soon as possible. That way you will make things much easier for us. A lot of additional administration is now imposed on the organizers and we will greatly appreciate if you can send us your certificate as soon as you have it. Our email address is

During the races we will use the system with Covid-tickets which will have to be presented at the start by all runners. Vaccinated and recovered participants will get all 5 tickets upon registration. All others who will bring negative tests will only get tickets for the time/stages their test is valid. When they retake the test, they will get the rest of their Covid-tickets.

On Stages 2, 3 and 4 it will be possible to take quick antigen test in the Medical car in Finish arena for 17€.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

IMPORTANT: Paying fees and Covid update

We are now asking all participants of OOcup/2021 to pay for their entry fees. Please do so within 3 days of your entry deadline, otherwise next deadline entry fee will apply. It means all who entered the race before 25th of June should pay for their entry fee until 28th of June at latest.

Currently, the “Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered” rule is still on in Slovenia for sport events. We are not sure whether it will change until the race. If not, it means that, if you’re not Covid recovered or vaccinated, you will have to present PCR or quick Antigen test to start the race. Furthermore, since it is valid for only 72 hours, the test will have to be retaken during the race. It is possible to do so in health care centres close to the race venue.

In order to start the race, all participants older than 18 years will have to present:

  1. Negative PCR or Quick antigen test not older than 72 hours.
  2. Proof that person is Covid-19 recovered which means positive PCR test older than 10 days but not older than 6 months, or doctor’s certificate about Covid-19 recovery not older than 6 months.
  3. Proof of vaccination. Certificate which proves that:
  • it has passed at least 7 days since vaccination with second dose of Comirnaty vaccine (Biontech/Pfizer)
  • it has passed at least 14 days since vaccination with second dose of Covid-19 Vaccine (Moderna)
  • it has passed at least 21 days since vaccination with the first dose of Vaxzevria vaccine (AstraZeneca)
  • it has passed at least 14 days since vaccination with second dose of Covid-19 Vaccine (Johnson(Jansen Cilag)
  • it has passed at least 21 days since vaccination with the first dose of Covishield vaccine (India/Astra Zeneca)
  • it has passed at least 14 days since vaccination with second dose of Sputnik vaccine (GNCEM Rusia)
  • it has passed at least 14 days since vaccination with the second dose of CoronaVac vaccine (Sinovac Biotech)
  • it has passed at least 14 days since vaccination with the second dose of Covid-19 Vaccine (Sinopharm)

If you are vaccinated or recovered we kindly ask you to send us the proof of this as soon as possible to our email address

OOcup/2021 will be held as planned

Right now it is already possible to organize sport events without limitations regarding number of participants, which means that unless something really unexpected happens, we will organize OOcup as planned. As a matter of fact last weekend we have already organized a race – Slovenian national championships in Long/Relay.

The first entry deadline for OOcup has been prolonged till 25th of June, so keep that in mind if you want to enter at lowest possible rate.

Here is a map sample from Ultimate map Stage 1!

Why not Ultimate in 2021?

We are getting optimistic

Finally we are getting seriously optimistic about this year’s edition of OOcup 😎! The anti-Covid measures are loosening in Slovenia on an almost daily basis and more and more it looks like it will be possible to organize the event this summer. To facilitate your decision to enter the race, we prolonged the early bird entry deadline until June 25th. You still don’t have to pay anything until we ask you to do so.

If you have already entered the race after the first entry deadline, we will reduce your entry fee accordingly.

Right now we only have cca. 120 entries, which means it will probably be one of the smallest OOcup editions in a long time. Nevermind, the entries might be few, but the maps are brand new 😜👍!!

Entries are open

You can now enter OOcup/2021 at However, due to uncertain situation regarding Covid-19, we are not accepting payments at the moment. Please pay your entry fees only after we ask you to do so.