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OOcup/2024 is now history

OOcup/2024 is now history. We hope that you enjoyed the races. Big thanks to all of you took part and at least as big thanks to all the team members, you were great as always!
Now it’s time for some rest, for you and for us! 😜😴
See you next year!

Apéro sur l’arena

Le CDCO 01 vous invite pour l’apéro vendredi à 19h sur l’arena. Chacun apporte quelque chose à boire. 
Nous viendrons avec du Comté et on ouvrira la buvette pour la bière.

CDCO 01 invites you for after race get-together on Friday at 7 PM at the arena. Everyone brings something to drink. We will bring some Comté cheese and we’ll open the bar with the beer.

See you!

Course lengths D2

Here you can see new course lengths for Day2: New lengths D2.

Please do not come to the event center asking for your envelope before official opening hour (9:00)!

Thank you and see you soon!

IMPORTANT – Stage 2 – forest cut


Despite the agreements with the owners, we discovered loggers and tractors on the stage 2 map on Wednesday July 10. They were not there to check our control points ;).

After a day of discussion, we received confirmation that the foresters will take a break on July 17. Nevertheless, more than 30% of the map is not possible to use and therefore the complete remake and re-print of all courses is needed. The new courses are already planned and will be printed soon. We will soon publish the new course lengths.

We tried to avoid all newly logged places, but you still might see some traces of recent forest works.


Malgre les accords avec les proprietaires nous avons découvert mercredi 10 juillet des bûcherons et des tracteurs sur la carte de l étape 2. Ils n etaient pas la pour controler les postes 😉

Après une journée de discussion, nous avons reçu la confirmation que les forestiers feront une pause le 17 juillet. Néanmoins, plus de 30 % de la carte n’est pas utilisable et, par conséquent, une refonte complète et une réimpression de tous les parcours sont nécessaires. Les nouveaux parcours sont déjà planifiés et seront bientôt imprimés. Nous publierons bientôt les nouvelles longueurs des parcours.

Nous avons essayé d’éviter tous les nouveaux endroits déboisés, mais vous pourriez quand même voir des traces de récents travaux forestiers.

Start lists and more

Start lists are now published at OrienteeringOnline. This is also where it will be possible to follow live results.

Maps will be published after each stage on Livelox.

Photos will be published on our Facebook page.

Please follow this website for possible last minute information.

See you soon!

Bulletin / Livret d’accueil

The Bulletin is in printing and you can now see it also online: English and Français.

We are kindly reminding you to ensure that any unpaid entries get paid as soon as possible. You can check the status of your payment on OrienteeringOnline. We will soon start creating start lists, and unpaid entries will be deleted and will not appear on the start list.

In case you missed information about the warm up event consisting of 2 middle distances organized in Charix on 13. – 14. July, we remind you; that is the best way to have some training before OOcup and get some national points :).

Entries for warm up event on Saturday:

Entries for warm up event on Sunday:

Training page updated

Check the training page to see training possibilities organized by our friends from O’Jura before OOcup. Some very nice terrain there…

Some news

There are some small changes in the program, as we had to slightly rearrange the order of the stages. Now, the last three stages will be at the Biathlon center at Les Plans d’Hotonnes, and the second stage will be at Golet Boquin. Since we managed to find a parking area for that stage, a bus ride won’t be necessary for any of the stages. Grand Montagne remains the intro stage.

We added W65 Ultimate and we already have the first lady to enrol the class.

New class and first training info

We introduced a new class M65 Ultimate. If you want to run this class and have already entered another one, feel free to contact us for class change.

Under the section training in the main menu we added the first information about training possibilities. Check it out! As soon as we get more information from the local organizers we will publish the new on our website.

We hope that you season has well started and that you are training well for OOcup :)!