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IMPORTANT notes for Stage 1

Depending on number of regular tourists parking place on Col de la Faucille might get tight. To prevent parking problems as much as possible, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Use as few cars as possible. If you have opportunity, please share car with your friend.
  2. Try to come earlier than you would normally. The sooner you arrive the greater the chance to find your spot comfortably.
  3. Use cable car from Mijoux (free of charge) if Col de la Faucille parking is full. In case of Parking on Col de la Faucille gets completely full, we will place signposts “Col de la Faucille COMPLET” on the exit from Mijoux. Our volunteer at the Camping car parking close to Cable car will help you with small map of possible parking places in Mijoux. To use cable car you need to show your start number or use the magic word “OOcup”.