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IMPORTANT: Covid-19 update, changes in rules, quick tests possible in Arena

Unfortunately, Slovenian government has recently made some changes to Covid rules for sport events. The PCR or quick test are now valid for only 48 hours (72 hours before the change). Furthermore, only children younger than 15 years who are accompanied by their parents or guardians do not need negative test or proof of vaccination/recovery (before the change the age limit was 18).

Once again we kindly ask you to send us your certificates of vaccination or recovery from Covid as soon as possible. That way you will make things much easier for us. A lot of additional administration is now imposed on the organizers and we will greatly appreciate if you can send us your certificate as soon as you have it. Our email address is

During the races we will use the system with Covid-tickets which will have to be presented at the start by all runners. Vaccinated and recovered participants will get all 5 tickets upon registration. All others who will bring negative tests will only get tickets for the time/stages their test is valid. When they retake the test, they will get the rest of their Covid-tickets.

On Stages 2, 3 and 4 it will be possible to take quick antigen test in the Medical car in Finish arena for 17€.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.