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Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

1. When is the first start?
Check Invitation section for this information.

2. May we get early or late start?

Yes, you may ask for early, late or separate start. Please write down your request in the “Special comment” column in Online entry form at OrienteeringOnline entries. This service is free of charge. In Special comment you can also write any other remark that you feel we should know about.

3. What is my course length and difficulty?

Expected winning times will be published later. Here are some notes about course difficulty:

MW10, MW12, Beginners – very easy, mostly paths and meadows if available.
MW14-MW16, MW21B – medium technical difficulty, often with some easier section.
MW18 – MW70 – technically difficult. On courses for older classes we try to avoid the roughest terrain but still keep the technical difficulty.

OPEN A: Difficult long (similar to M35). 
OPEN B: Difficult shorter (similar to M55). 
OPEN C: Medium (similar to M14), 
Beginners-Inskoling (as easy as possible)

4. My child/friend doesn’t have much orienteering experience. May I follow her/him on the course?

MW10 Shadowed, Beginners and Open courses have free start and runners in those classes may be shadowed.

5. Do we really have to pay in advance?

Yes, from OOCup/2014 onwards you do. At latest within 3 days after deadline in which entry was submitted.  If we do not receive entry fee in due time, we will automatically change the fee to the amount of the next entry deadline. No exceptions!

6. I have to cancel my entry. Can I get my fee refunded?

entries cancelled by May 1st will get 60% refund. Entries cancelled between May 2nd July 1st will get 40% refund. In the case of complete or partial cancellation of the OOcup due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain part or full amount of the entry fees.