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Course lengths published

Quite an intensive but highly enjoyable period up in Umeå is now behind us. We mapped the last bits of missing terrain, checked the maps for the last time and premarked all the controls… well, we’re almost ready :).

Here you can download the pdf with course lengths: LINK.

As we are approaching the 1000 entries milestone, let us remind you that you can still enter OOcup until July 1st! Competitors from 30 countries and 4 continents have already decided to do so, among them is also the best orienteer of all times Simone Niggli! We really don’t know how soon will it be possible to run OOcup in Nordic terrain again, so we kindly suggest to grab the chance :)!

A short note for the local runners; we’re aware that OPEN classes are getting more and more popular in Sweden and we’ll be ready for number of entries on the race day, however, to make things easier for us we would greatly appreciate if you make your entry in advance – even if  you’re going for the OPEN class.  You can make entry for just one stage and then decide about the rest during the week. 

After filling up the first bus we have ordered the second one, which is now also full. We do not plan to add any more buses, unless we get 40 or more inquries for transport between Umeå and Arenas. If you’re interested in that feel free to write us.

Lastly, please note that we’re organizing Bubo camp on Cres island at the end of July. Sun, crystal clear sea and some great orienteering! Check for more info.