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Some news

There are some small changes in the program, as we had to slightly rearrange the order of the stages. Now, the last three stages will be at the Biathlon center at Les Plans d’Hotonnes, and the second stage will be at Golet Boquin. Since we managed to find a parking area for that stage, a bus ride won’t be necessary for any of the stages. Grand Montagne remains the intro stage.

We added W65 Ultimate and we already have the first lady to enrol the class.

New class and first training info

We introduced a new class M65 Ultimate. If you want to run this class and have already entered another one, feel free to contact us for class change.

Under the section training in the main menu we added the first information about training possibilities. Check it out! As soon as we get more information from the local organizers we will publish the new on our website.

We hope that you season has well started and that you are training well for OOcup :)!

You can now pay the fees

All information needed to make payments are now available at OrienteeringOnline when you click on Club fees link:

Entries are now open

Entries to OOcup/2024 are now open. You can enter the race via OrienteeringOnline, however the payment data will be added a bit later.

We have also added map sample from each stage.

Redeeming vouchers

The first 3 in most of the classes were awarded free entry to either OOcup or Lipica open in 2024 or 2025, depending on their position on the podium.

We did not print the vouchers, but the awards are valid as stated in the Bulletin.

To redeem the voucher, please enter the race and write to our official email address that you want to use your award. Then we will set your fee to 0€.

OOcup/2023 is now history

So, the 22nd edition of OOcup is now history. Certainly there has been lots of work before and during the races, but nevertheless this time organizing felt very much like a team building. As Bača, one of the organizers, said, this has been one of the most pleasant editions for the organizers so far. Even yesterday’s night small celebration (Meda, thanks for the great excuse to have it!) seemed to have worked against the rain and I guess we now have a new anti storm protocol 😜. Big thanks to all of the organizers for the great spirit and well done job!

Then, of course, OOcup has absolutely no point without you, the participants. Big thanks to you for coming to OOcup over and over again. Thanks for the trust and thanks for the many positive words after the race. We hope that you enjoyed the 5 days of difficult orienteering and the relaxed atmosphere of the event😎.

See you next year in France 🇫🇷. Very likely in a much larger form but with the same OOcup spirit!


Stage 5 goes as planned

The front has already passed Lokve and we are happy to inform you that stage 5 will go as planned!

Last stage – follow the website

Today it seems we’ll have a nice sunny stage, however for tomorrow things do not look so good at the moment. Some heavy storms are forecasted for Sunday, especially in the morning hours. Recent heavy windfalls around Čepovan, Predmeja and some other parts of Trnovo plateau make us cautious.

Please follow the website for the latest information about the stage 5. Postponement of the first start is possible, as well as complete cancellation of the stage. We certainly hope it will not be necessary, but windfalls possibility might be too dangerous to take the risk.

Road closure Most na Soči – Čepovan – Lokve

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the roads Most na Soči – Čepovan and Čepovan – Lokve are closed due to removal of the consequences of the heavy thunderstorm from yesterday. As we have mentioned in previous post Čepovan village (4km from Lokve) and its closest forest surroundings were heavily damaged yesterday. In Lokve village and forests used for OOcup we have not noticed any damage so far.

At the moment the only possible way to Lokve seems to be via Nova Gorica, which means a substantial detour for anyone coming from the north (Tolmin-Most na Soči area). For current information about road situation we recommend you to use the PROMET.SI website, or the PHONE APP with the same information.

Please keep following our website for the latest information. At the moment the calming down situation seems good for the next days and hopefully we will not be forced to cancel any stages.