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Carpool group, parking tickets etc.

Now we’re getting really closer and closer to the first ever OOcup in Sweden!

Some important notices:

1. No more bus seats are available. We filled 2 buses and there are not enough interested people to order the third one.

But we’ve just created OOcup/2022 carpool group:

If you have an extra seat feel free to offer it in the group to reduce your travel costs or to just meet new people. And, of course, if you need a ride to the Arenas, please post it in the group.

2. This year we will use Parking tickets 5€/stage, 25€ / all 5 stages.

3. Motorhomes will be allowed to stay at Parkings, but please check the Bulletin for the schedule when and where to overnight.

4. Due to 2 cancellations we now again have 2 rooms available; a double and a triple one at action prices in Hotel Scandic Syd. If you’re interested let us know.


Else, we’re on the good way. Maps are going to be printed in the next days – as soon as we know the final number of competitors.

It’s been a while now that all stages are checked by local controllers and well, they all say some really nice competitions are ahead of us. You can still make entry until July 1st and NOR miss this historic event 😜!